Focus disability supports
The activities listed below are included but not limited to:


Walk around the local area or listening to some music, doing some stretches and dancing to music.


Discussion on what we are going to cook, purchasing ingredients from the local shops, returning to cook, eating and cleaning up...

Appointments and personal care

Focus can help you get to your appointments and meet your personal care needs.

Special events

If there is a special event that you would like to attend such as conferences and AFL games, Focus can facilitate this for you.


Visit the local bowling alley where we have a game together.


Visiting the local library and borrowing books, using IPads and computers.


look at what's on at the cinemas, choose which movies we would like to see, grab our popcorn and drinks and enjoy...

Rec. Centre

Go to the local rec centre


Enjoy a relaxing foot or hand massage, nails painted, hair brushed and make up applied.


Enjoy learning a variety of things on the computers from playing games and research to looking


Listening to music or a story.

Arts and Crafts

Painting, colouring, beading, drawing and making various things.

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